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UK Plant and Flower Delivery

Flower Delivery

Flower delivery in the UK is unbelievably convenient with next day or even same day hand delivery now the norm and some companies offering free flower delivery across much of the UK. The highest demand for flower delivery is for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Chirstmas.

Try to use an online florist that is environmentally aware and sources flowers ethically - look out for the FFP accreditation (Fair Flowers Fair Plants). Fair Flowers Fair Plants is an international organisation working with the floral industry towards environmental and social sustainabillity in the production and sale of flowers.

Interflora was the first company in the UK to offer online home delivery of flowers delivery through a network of local florists and is the best known. After loosing market share to cheaper and faster competitors, in 2006 it stopped being a co-operative and was acquired in 2006 by FTD. This allows international deliveries, through FTD in the United States and Fleurop in Europe. FTD (Florists Transworld Delivery) is an Illinois company which uses the Mercury Network to process over 15m orders/year.

Plant Delivery

Some online florists in the UK now also deliver plants as well as flowers. The advantage of sending a plant rather than flowers is the gift will last much longer!


UK Flower Delivery