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Copper in design - review

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Copper was probably the earliest metal used by man. In Ancient Egypt copper was used to make saws, chisels and jewlery. 'Copper bottomed' still means 'high quality'.

In gardens, one of the great attractions of copper is that it tends to develop a beautiful green patina out of doors. The patina is known as verdigris, from the French vert de Grece (green of Greece). Copper is highly resistant to corrosion by air and water. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with small quantities of other elements. It is stronger than copper but does not develop such a pleasing patina.

Both the natural 'copper' colour and the green colour of copper verdigris are valuable in gardens. Copper and verdigris enhance and set-off the colours of flower, foliage and stone. The presence of metals in gardens is an important consideration with regard to the feng shui approach to garden design.

A significant advantage of copper is its malleability. Worked by hand or with a light hammer, copper can be given the most intricate shapes and patterns.

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