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Solar lighting in the garden

Since most  energy comes from the sun, there is something delightful about the idea of a solar-powered garden light. It time-shifts the light supply from a time of plenty to a time of scarcity. Solar-powered lights can be freely distributed in gardens without owners having to worry about cabling, or their children being electrocuted. Solar lights also score high marks for their use of renewable energy: there is something wasteful about gardeners discharging light into the darkness merely for decorative effect.

The problem with solar-powered garden lights is that they tend to have only a small area of solar cells and a relatively modest battery capacity. The consequences of these shortcomings are that solar-powered lights have a reputation for emitting a small amount of light for a short period of time. But the technology of solar cells and batteries is improving all the time and the current generation of solar lights is superior to the first generation of solar lights which damaged their reputation.

With solar lights, as with many things, the more you pay the better the quality of the product.

Solar globe light

A solar panel, with a car battery, can provide a stable source of power for solar lights or fountain pumps