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Mirrors for outdoor use - review

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Garden mirrors 

Mirrors have been used in outdoor design for at least two centuries - Humphry Repton wrote about their use. The old mirrors have not survived because the silvering process was not weather-resistent. Modern mirror-coatings are much tougher and alternatives to glass mirrors are available:

  • weatherproof acrylic mirror sheeting looks like glass and has some advantages: (1) it is much less breakable and much less likely to cause injury if it is broken, (2) acrylic mirrors are lighter and easier to fix
  • polished stainless steel is not 100% flat, but this can contribute to an illusionary effects. Also (1) it can be curved (2) it can be used for running water

Garden mirrors bring light into dark corners and can increase the apparent extent of a space.

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Water on mirrored steel

Reflections on mirrored stone

Mirrors create the illusion of a window into another garden