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Space is the subject of garden and landscape design. But in daytime, space can be designed only by locating things. The prime compositional elements are: water, landform, planting, climate, vertical and horizontal structures. But everything changes at night: the designer can use artificial lighting to define space. The limits of the light are the limits of the world.

The best approach to lighting design is to use light chalks on black paper, instead of the customary dark lines on white paper. If using a computer, one can use coloured lines and fills on a black screen. The case for using several colours should survive even in the case of a decent reluctance to use coloured light: because white light becomes coloured when transmitted through vegetation and reflected off coloured surfaces.

The accompanying drawings illustrate a lighting design for a small rectangular garden. There is an illuminated patio outside the house and a path leading round the garden, with spotlights used for the vegetation and underwater lights used for the pool.

Chalking drawing

Chalk drawing

Computer drawing