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Candles for outdoor use - review

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Candle lights

Candles are a romantic cliche. But most people find the candle cliche as easy to accept as a rose on Valentine's day. Live flame flickers; faces are bronzed, smiles are more alluring in candle-light. Small candles can be placed on tables or floated on a pond. The problem is that if the wind blows a small candle flame is likely to be extinguished. There are several solutions to the problem of candles being blown out:

  • a large candle with a large wick is more resistent to wind blow. Re-fillable candle holders are available. They can be placed on stakes or on tables.
  • candle-lights with a non-flamable shade
  • glass candle lanterns, with a door, give full protection from the wind

Scented candles, which give an aroma while burning, are popular but more effective indoors than outdoors.


Candle lantern

Candle-lit garden table

Naked candle