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Pressure Washers - review

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Pressure washers are power cleaning tools that clean by blasting water at a high pressure.

Many pressure washers let you adjust the pressure that water is delivered at. Higher pressures will clean faster but keep in mind that different items will have a different tolerance to water pressure. Water at too high a pressure can cause damage. Water pressure is measured in bar.

Pressure washers have many potential applications in the garden.

  • At a water pressure of 100 bar, pressure washers are very effective at cleaning garden tools, garden furniture and BBQs.
  • At a water pressure of 100-110 bar, they can be used to clean lawn mowers, spas and hot tubs and wooden fences.
  • At 110-130 bar, they can be used to clean patios, brickwork, decking and concrete driveways.

For safety, wear protective goggles and shoes when operating a pressure washer.