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Hedge Trimmers - review

If you have decided to opt for a power tool rather than a hand tool to trim your hedges, then you probably have a substantial hedge or hedges to keep in check. In deciding whether to purchase an electric hedge trimmer or a petrol/gas hedge trimmer, consider the tasks you need the trimmer for. Petrol/gas trimmers are more powerful than electric machines.

It is important that a hedge trimmer is not so heavy that you struggle to hold it for the duration of cutting the hedge. If the trimmer is too heavy, the risk of dropping the trimmer increases as you fatigue. Also, a heavier tool is more likely to cause back problems. How heavy a trimmer feels when you operate it depends not only on the weight of the tool but also on how its weight is distrubuted. A well balanced tool will feel lighter.

A single-sided hedge trimmer is the best choice if you want to cut straight sections of hedge. Trimmers with one-sided blades can be longer than double-sided blades without becoming too heavy. The centre of gravity of a single-sided trimmer is closer to the body which means they subject the body to less strain so you can trim for longer before getting tired. A double-sided hedge trimmer is better for shaping because you can alter the direction of the cut without having to move around so much.

Keep the blade of your hedge trimmer sharp - the sharper the blade the cleaner the cut.

Protect your eyes and ears when operating a hedge trimmer - and always hold the tool with both hands for safety reasons..

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