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Hedge Shears - review

Hedge shears are much more peaceful and economical than electric hedge trimmers. A regularly-trimmed hedge can be cut with sharp light-weight shears. They are a pleasure to use and have the feel of a precise instrument when compared with the stronger and heavier shears made for general use.

Serrated blades help hold stubborn branches in place making them easier to cut. In using serrated blades you sacrifice some of the smoothness of the cut. However, the serrations will be on one blade only just abovethe fulcrum so you only need resort to them when necessary.

We recommend ash handles as they absorb the shock of cutting. Rubber stoppers just below the fulcrum soften contact and further reduce the stain on hands and arms. The best blades are made of stainless steel or forged carbon steel. The Draper Wave Edge Hedge Shear is available through Amazon .

Long-handled hedge shears improve reach but for some hedges this will not be enough and you will have to resort to a ladder.

Well maintained hedges form a maze

Hedge Shears