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Garden Tool Storage - review

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Long handled tools are very well suited to hanging on the shed wall. Not only is this tidy, orderly, and space efficient so you garden tools will be easily accessible when you need them, but it also keeps the tools safe from bumps and knocks. Garden tools are often hung by their heads, but in many ways it makes sense to hang them head down as hanging and taking down the tools will require less effort if you don't need to lift the heavy metal head high into the air.

Tools hanging by their heads rest on a pair of wooden pins/pegs known as a dowels. Tools hanging by their handles hang on hooks.

Smaller garden tools are best stored as a portable unit in some kind of bag/bucket or tray with divisions/pockets to keep the tools in their proper place. Often you will need several tools at once and it makes it easier to transport them to where they are needed than it they are all hung individual on the wall.

Hanging garden tools