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Flower Shears - review

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It is important that flower shears have sharp blades. If the stem is not cut cleanly, the vessels that transport water up into the flower will be damaged.

Deadheading Shears

Deadheading shears look like sewing scissors. They have long handles and short, needle-pointed blades. Deadheading annuals before they can seed will prolong their flowering.

Thinning Shears

Thinning shears have long blades so they are a very precise tool - adept at singling out individual stems. The end of the blades is not as sharp as on deadheading shears.

Ikebana Shears

Ikebana shears have thick, butterfly handles that are easy to grip. These shears are excellent for flower arranging. Ikebana is a Japanese form of flower arranging with Buddhist origins. Ikebana flower arrangements are symbolic of heaven, earth and mankind. The longest stem represents heaven, the middle stem man, and the shortest stem earth.

Maintenance of Shears

The blades should be sharpened. The hinge should be oiled. The blades should be wiped with methalated spirit after use (to prevent the spread of viral infections). Thicker stems should be cut with secateurs, to avoid damage to flower shears.

NB Painting the handle red, or fastening a piece of red ribbon, makes the shears easy to find when they are laid down

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