The Garden Guide

Protecting your Garden with Walls and Fences

Planting thorny hedges can be an effective and ecologically sound way to secure the perimeter of your garden but it is a slow solution. It will take a number of years for your hedge to grow sufficiently to form a successful barrier.  The advantage of fencing is it offers an immediate security solution.

The efficacy of fencing can be further enhanced by planting thorny climbing roses such as Albertine or Bobby James along the fence. Alternatively, spikes can be placed along fences and walls but these will be less aesthetically pleasing. Anti-climb paint is a gel like paint that never sets. It can be used on walls and fences and makes climbing extremely difficult/impossible. It is important to be aware of local legislation and guidelines for perimeter security measures. Restrictions vary but may include a minimum height for installation and a requirement for warning signs.  

Home and Garden Insurance from Alan Boswell Group covers storm damage to gates and fences up to the building sum insured - see Key Features of Cover.