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Antique garden statues

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There is a long tradition of placing statues out of doors, often 'tasteful female statues'. In addition to the pleasure that people have always taken in looking at the beauty of the human form, there seems to have been a feeling that naturalistic statues harmonize with the beauty of nature. The following poses are characteristic:

  • sculpture of young girls, glimpsed through the undergrowth as when Actaeon saw Diana and her handmaids washing - and was turned into a stag for his impudence
  • antique statues of bronzed and athletic young men
  • sculpture of young lovers delighting in each other's company
  • antique statues of tragic and lonely figures, beautiful but unappreciated
  • statues hearty earth mothers, rejoicing in their feminity
  • sculptural fountains, with droplets of water simulating passion