The Garden Guide

Plastic Garden Furniture

In gardens, there things to be said against using plastic and things in its favour. Lets start with the negative, because they are the dominant consideration:

  • the symbolic associations of plastic are altogether unfavourable: plastic makes us think of litter, fast food and the disposable society
  • plastic furniture tends to be made in garishly unpleasant colours
  • plastic does not develop a patina with the passing of the years: it often decays as a result of exposure to ultra-violet light


So what can be said in favour of plastic?

  • plastic is light and cheap
  • in the shorter term, plastic is durable and does not require painting
  • the colours used to make plastic do not have to be vile. It is possible to obtain a surprisingly good plastic imitation of a clay, which is less subject to breakage and has better moisture-retention properties.

The The Philippe Starck "Bubble Club Sofa" is a real success; it can be used indoor or outdoor and is available in pale green or earth red colour.

Philippe Starck Bubble Chairs in terracotta

Philippe Starck Bubble Sofa in lime green

White circular table and folding chairs