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Aluminium furniture - review

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Aluminium is a remarkable material: very strong, very light and very resistent to corrosion. Available as tubular aluminium or cast aluminium, it is a genuinely modern material for garden construction.Aluminium was discovered in France, in 1821, but was not available in industrial quantities until electric power became cheap. Manufacturers have been quick to use aluminium for garden chairs, tables, benches, seats and other items of garden furniture.

Aluminium garden furniture's corrosion resistance is an unmitigated advantage. Aluminium's light weight is an advantage if you want to move the furniture around but a disadvantage is you do not want it to be blown over.

If you do not like the colour of 'raw' aluminium it can be powder coated. This coating adheres to aluminium better than paint: it is an extremely durable product. Some manufacturers use steel fastenings with aluminium but even if galvanised, will rust in time. Stainless steel does not have this problem.

Aluminium can be formed to resemble cast iron or it can be used in modern shapes, taking advantage of the properties of the material.

Aluminium glistens when unpainted

Aluminium garden furniture