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Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival 2013

The Chelsea Fringe Festival runs during the week of the Chelsea Flower Show and for two further weeks. See The aim as with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is to draw upon the creative energies of people from around the world. See History of the Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival. Chelsea has always been the world's greatest Flower Show. In future years it is likely to become By Far the World's Greatest Garden Show. Also, it will show how the ancient art of garden design can re-energise the comparatively modern art of urban landscape design. The dates for the main The Chelsea Fringe 2013 are from 18 May to 9th June 2013. The contribution to the Chelsea Fringe is the London Gardens Walk and a set of sponsorship ideas.

Videos about the 2013 Chelsea Fringe Festival

Videos about the 2012 Chelsea Fringe Festival

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Laser hologram projection of dancing girls at Canary Wharf Underground station for Chelsea Fringe Garden Show

Chelsea Flower Show Trends 2011 – and the Chelsea Fringe Garden Show

London’s Roman Palace Garden at Cannon Street Station for Chelsea Fringe Flower and Garden Show

Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival 2012

Thames Barge flower planting for Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival 2012

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is expected to make an imaginative contribution to London's 2012 Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival

Historic styles of garden design used as carpet bedding for the Chelsea Fringe Festival

Thames Bridge Island for Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival 2012