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Chelsea Fringe Flower and Garden Festival 2008

We are pleased to announce the Chelsea Fringe 2008, modeled on the enormously successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival (See History of the Chelsea Fringe). If you wish to organise a Chelsea Fringe Event, please send details and we will publish them here (there is no charge for this service and we will be pleased to put in links to websites with details of events. Please note that the Chelsea Fringe is not an official flower show and that it is not supported by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) - which organises the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The Chelsea Fringe 2008 welcomes innovation, fun, drama, commercialism and sponsorship. Exhibitors make all their own arrangements: This website provides information about what is happening. Participants can put on displays, build gardens (temporary or permanent), sell garden plants and garden products, enjoy themselves and entertain others. Possible venues, subject to the agreement of owners and the authorities, include: Battersea Park, Sloane Square, the Chelsea Physic Garden, the Chelsea Embankment, pub gardens, show house gardens, restaurant gardens, churchyards, floating gardens, balloon gardens, land awaiting re-development, London squares etc.. See details of Chelsea Fringe 2007

Proposals for the 2008 Chelsea Fringe will be published here:-

[2012 Note: this webpage and its images were published in 2007 but, owing to lack of organisation, nothing happened!]













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