The Garden Guide

How to design a garden

Garden Design Index & Planting Design

Garden design can be approached from several directions. In the spirit of the twenty-first century, there is no One Right Way. But there are many good ways to design a garden - all requiring knowledge, judgement and skill.

Garden Design Style

Style is a dominant consideration in fashion design and some other design fields. In gardens, it is significant:

  • when designers seek to create a new style. See our reviews of garden designs at the Chelsea Flower Show
  • when designers wish to restore a historic garden or re-create a historic garden. See our Guide to historic styles of garden design and Guide to historic garden restoration.

Garden Design Products

As with cooking and clothes, careful selection of materials has a profound influence the results. See our Guide to hard and soft materials and products. We agree with Christopher Tunnard 'use only the best'

Garden Design Types

Design objectives vary according to the type of garden which is being made. See our Guide to garden types.

Religion and Garden Design

Religion has influenced garden design since the begining of time - and its influence must be expected to continue. See our Guide to Sacred Gardens

Garden Design Process

Every designer knows that the process influences the product. See our Guide to the garden and landscape design process.

Garden Design Patterns

Natural patterns, Social Patterns, Aesthetic Patterns and Archetypal Patterns can be used in the design process. See note on PAKILDA - a pattern-assisted knowledge intensive design approachy.

Garden Design Composition

The five primary compositional elements of garden design are

  • Planting design
  • Landform design
  • Water design
  • Paving design
  • Design of buildings and other structures

Sustainable Garden Design

Good gardens have always obeyed the first commandment of sustainability ('Thou shalt make compost unceasingly') and are likely to become more expert in Sustainable garden design.