The Garden Guide

Garden Design Products publishes a Product Directory with technical and design advice on product selection for garden and landscape designers. The directory rests on the principle: 'use only the best'. This does not mean 'use the most expensive'. Unbound gravel, if well chosen, is a material of the highest quality. But precast concrete is almost always a trashy material: it can have the charm of fresh snow when laid but decays thereafter. Similarly: grass is an excellent material and plastic is, usually, undesirable in gardens. This is not an issue of old materials vs modern materials. Laminated glass and stainless steel, for example, are modern materials of high quality. It is more a question of durability and of the aging process. Lead and stone grow old gracefully. Plastic and concrete merely decay: they do not develop an attractive patina. If we like new products they can be reviewed on our New Products page. also publishes an online guide to Garden and Landscape Design Theory with advice for students and practitioners of garden design and landscape architecture.

Green Wicker Chair

Candle Lantern


Garden Swing

Adirondak Chair