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Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 4: Utensils (Pots, Cases, Cans, Fumigators)

Wasp and fly traps

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1871. The wasp and fly-trap is merely a bottle half full of water, honied at the mouth, to entice their entrance. Some assert that the plant Hoya carnosa, while in bloom, will attract wasps and all other insects from the fruit in the house in which it grows (Maher, in Hort. Trans., vol. i. p. 197.); and others, that boiled carrots will have the same effect. There is a long wasp-glass (fig. 489.), and also a heart-shaped one (fig. 490.), in common use in fruit-gardens. These glasses are filled about half full with sugar and water, or water and honey.