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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 10 The flower borders in September

Dahlia colours

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It is a matter of great regret that the best kind of Dahlias for garden effect have lost favour with nurserymen, so that it is now difficult, if not impossible, to obtain from them the most desirable kinds. These are a selection of those that were first called Cactus Dahlias, much more free in form than the old show Dahlias, but with the petals not attenuated and pointed as they are in the modern Cactus kinds. The greater number of these, pretty though their individual blooms are on the show-table, are but of little use in the garden, whereas such sorts as Amos Perry, Edith Page, Mary Purrier, Fire King and Orange Fire King, are among the most gorgeous of our September flowers. Others are: Edith Carter, palest lemon flushed with pink; William Pearse, bright yellow; Edward Mawley, bright copper; Arthur Hutton, terra-cotta (the two last about four feet high); and the two good whites, Alabaster and Mont Blanc. Star Dahlias are wonderfully free flowering and very effective. Good varieties are, Brighton Star, Crawley Star, Reigate Star, White Star, and Yellow Star.