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Westminster Palace Jewel Tower Medieval Garden

The Jewel Tower Stands at the corner of the medieval garden of the Royal Palace of Westminster. The palace garden was a place to grow luxurious fruits, flowers and fresh herbs, as the English Heritage signboard  shows. It was not a lawn.  As a compliment to the Houses of Parliament, the Westminster Palace Jewel Garden should be a very sweet-smelling place! Water should be restored to the ditch of the medieval moat, which survives.

Sponsorship opportunities: a large seed supplier could sponsor planting of the garden

 Westminster Palace Jewel Tower Medieval Garden
Before sponsorship After sponsorship

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The English Heritage reconstruction of the Jewel Tower Garden suggests small beds and a lot of paving slabs (which would have to have been quarried far from London).

The Jewel Tower is unlikely to have had a renaissance knot garden when it was made

Medieval herb garden reconstruction

Medieval herber reconstruction