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The largest post-1947 development in the London area with an eventual population of 50,000. Thamesmead is built mainly on marshland vacated by Woolwich Arsenal after the war. The early parts of the development around Southmere (a popular sailing lake) were system built in precast concrete and the layout was very much the province of the architect. More recently, in the land to the North, a more flexible approach has been adopted. Existing trees have been incorporated into the layouts and the houses are brick built with pitched, tiled roofs. Three large parks are already in existence and the first stages of a 5km riverside walk are appearing (1982). A canal system linking the lakes and moated islands left over from the Arsenal is a notable feature of the landscape and functions as a drain for surface water. Areas of particular interest are:- Southmere, Greenmead Park (both off Yarnton Way), Crossway park, Birchmere and Harrow Manor Way. Landscape Architects: GLC Department of Recreation and Arts. There is a significant difference between North Thamesmead, which is starkly modernist, and South Thamesmead which is founded on a far better understanding of the landscape, making use of natural features and native vegetation.

Approach from Plumstead Road.

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