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Surrey Quays - Canada Water - Surrey Water - Albion Channel

A new canal links Canada Dock to the River Thames. It was designed by RPS Cloustons and built between 1985 and 1990. The idea was to create a feature which would serve as landscape infrastructure for the redevelopment of Surrey Docks. It is well-detailed but too shallow for boats, which is a pity. Surrey Commercial Docks were very important for the import of timber, until they were bombed during the Second World War. After the war they were owned by the Port of London Authority which tried to 'reclaim' the docks by selling the space for refuse disposal. The material was not laid properly and had to be re-excavated. The canal is a welcome reminder of the old waterscape.

Access from Lower Road.

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A surface water canal links Canda Water to Surrey Water, in the former Surrey Docks. It is a delightful feature but was not suffiiently planned to link with the urban landscape. This has resulted in it being underused compared, to the canals of Amsterdam and Venice..