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Peckham Square and Peckham Library

The space became available when the Surrey Canal Basin was infilled. The library was designed Will Alsop and Jan Störmer in 1998. The inverted L of their colourfully ecrentic building helps to enclose Peckham Square, designed by landscape architect Jenny Coe. The paving grid is sliced by strips of black and white granite, with a southern fringe of traditional London wood block paving. Coloured spheres (by Duncan Hooson) sit upon and emerge through the paving. The square is lit by fibre optics after dark. It is a popular successful space, at the meeting point of the Surrey Canal Walk and Peckham High Street.

Address: at the junction of Peckham Hill Street and Peckham High Street


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The Library is an inverted L, and thus a postmodern joke

Meteorites push through the paving

The start of the Surrey Canal Walk