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Paddington Basin

Terry Farrell and Partners were appointed in 1996 as masterplanners in 1996 for Paddington Basin . The strategy was "to open up the lands to the east of the station, centered on Paddington Basin" and "to re-establish the towpaths as public space around the full perimeter of the Basin" so that " the former 'backs' of sites have become 'fronts' – waterfronts" and "supported by first-class detailing of the public realm". The latter claim is debatable - good materials have been used in a bland way. The other goals have been substantially achieved. The problems lie elsewhere:

  • The microclimate is poor.
  • There is little for people to see or do.
  • The ecology of city form and natural process has been neglected.
  • Compared to Little Venice, it is a very dull place.

What a pity.

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