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Fulham Palace Garden

Fulham Palace was a bishop's residence from the middle ages until 1973. It was then leased to the local council which received a heritage lottery grant for its restoration in 2006. Fulham Palace was set in 30 acre estate of which 12 acres remain. Bishop Compton, in the seventeenth century, was a keen botanist and imported several plant species. Part of the grounds were used as allotments during World War II and remained in this use after the war.

Fulham Palace would be a good place to re-create a medieval garden. This is the most under-represented garden type in London, England and Europe (though France has re-created medieval gardens at Coulommiers, Orsan, Bois Richeaux and the Medieval Museum in Paris). See also Gothein on medieval gardens and the Saumur painting from the Tres Riches Heures - and comment on historic garden restoration.

Access: from Fulham Palace Road close to the northern end of Putney Bridge.

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Fulham Palace would be an excellent place to re-create a small medieval garden