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Euston Square, NW1 by Michael Brown

The space in front of the new Euston Station was been made into a sunny and pleasant sitting area with good brick detailing by Michael Brown. He was a master of the battered brick bank, used to great effect here in making a visual contrast with the verticality of the trees and the lightness of their foliage.

But Euston Square is also a place of regrets. Removal of the Euston Arch was one of the urban crimes of the 1960s, by British Rail's architecture department. The arch was designed, by Sir Philip Hardwick, on the model of the Propylaon at the Acropolis in Athens.

The forecourt to Euston Station is horrible.

Address: in front of Euston Station.

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Michael Brown's sweeping brick banks should be the subject of a preservation order, and the lamp posts should be removed

Landscape architects who knew London in the 1960s will be delighted by the survival of these brick banks, even if the miniskirts have gone

The forecourt of Euston Station is an object lesson in bad landscape design. Note how the kerb has had to be painted white to stop people tripping. The timber surrounds to the trees are hideous.

The old Euston Arch was part of a barrier which protected what is now Euston Square from the noise of Euston Road.