The Landscape Guide

London Landscape Guide to places of interest to landscape architects

Cover of the 1984 edn. of the London Landscape Guide - see online edition.

Commentary on London Landscape Planning

London has had an important role in the development of modern landscape architecture. As the first city of the industrial age it was the place which first aimed for a balance between the competing demands of architecture and landscape. It was also the first European capital to risk large-scale expansion outside its defensive walls. This led to the creation of a park system and, in 1943-4 to one of the most ambitious landscape plans ever conceived for a capital city. In London the unique city, Steen Eiler Rasmussen identified the intimate combination of architecture with landscape as the unique feature of this great city.

History and comment on London landscape architecture

London Landscape Planning. The landscape profession has been preparing plans for London since the early nineteenth century.

Commentary on aspects of London Landscape Planning

Commentary on major landscape architcture projects in London

London visits for landscape architects

LONDON LANDSCAPE GUIDE. A visitor's guide to sites of landscape architecture interest in London.

London's riverside landscape architecture. A recommended walk for landscape architects to see and consider London's riverside landscape.

1927 London Guide Book. The1927 guidebook allows insights into how London appeared to its visitors in the early twentieth century.

Landscape Institute - for landscape architecture in London and South East LASE

Official website for London and South-East Branch of the Landscape Institute LASE

Landscape Institute UK - history and comment

Landscape architecture & garden design education

Universtity of Greenwich landscape architecture and garden design courses. The London Landscape Guide contains a number of sites designed former students from the University of Greenwich.



Kenwood House landscape and architectureKenwood House has the character of a park by Lancelot Brown, though it was not his work.

Hampstead Garden Suburb landscape architectureHampstead Garden Suburb, planned by Raymond Unwin, is the prototype for all garden cities. South Bank landscape architecture

The South Bank landscape was the site of the Festival of Britain

The Hill, by one England's pioneer landscape architects

The Hill was designed by Thomas Mawson, first president of the Landscape Institute