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Garden Design in the British Isles History and styles since 1650 © Tom Turner 
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English garden design (1986)

Note re illustrations: the CD edition has more illustrations than the 1986 paper editions but most of them are not on the website.

1. Garden design history: the background ideas

1.1 Garden making in gardens in the British Isles: introduction
1.2 Retirement to rural gardens, in Greece and Rome
1.3 Retirement to rural gardens, in England
1.4 Prophets of a new design style?
1.5 Neoplatonism and seventeenth century aesthetics
1.6 Empiricism and garden design
1.7 Italy and garden design
1.8 Landscape ideal
1.9 Lancelot Brown: the rise, fall and rise of his reputation
1.10 Styles of garden design (14 no.)

2. Garden design history: 1650-1740

2.1 Enclosed Style of garden design
2.2 French Style in the British Isles
2.3 Dutch Style in the British Isles

3. Garden design history: 1714-1810

3.1 Forest Style of garden design
3.2 Augustan Style of Garden Design
3.3 Serpentine Style of garden design
3.4 Picturesque Style of planting design

4. Garden design history: 1794-1870

4.1 Landscape Style of Repton, Price and Knight
4.2 Italian Style in the British Isles
4.3 Gardenesque style and Floral Bedding
4.4 Mixed Style of Garden Design

5. Garden design history: 1870-1999

5.1 Arts and Crafts Style of Garden Design
5.2 Abstract Style of Garden Design
5.3 Postmodern Style of Garden Design

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