The Garden Landscape Guide

Garden heritage conservation

Managing a historic garden involves skills and knowledge 

  1. Conservation movement - the development of heritage conservation 500-2000AD
  2. Garden conservation - since 1800 AD
  3. Comparisions - garden conservation compared with the conservation of heritage paintings, sculpture, buildings and wildlife
  4. Education - jobs, skills and knowledge for garden heritage conservation
  5. Garden historians - theorists of garden restoration and conservation
  6. Data collection - and Garden Archaeology
  7. Data storage - for historic garden conservation
  8. Data processing - for historic garden conservation
  9. Conservation plans - policy alternatives for heritage gardens
  10. Case studies and examples - of historic garden restoration and conservation projects
    Case study1 - the conservation and restoration of Greenwich Park in London
    Case study2 - criticism of the Hampton Court Privy Garden Restoration
    Case study3 - Humayun's Tomb Garden in Delhi


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Medium shalimar bagh original

The famous gardens of Kashmir are in need of conservation and restoration. Photos 2004, courtesy of Julia Marshall-Wessendorf, Shalimar Bagh, above, Nishat Bagh, below.

Medium nishatbagh2 original