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Help clients find you - for less than 9p per day

How to get a listing in the Garden Designer Directory

Design flair and a great website won't win clients unless they can find you - the web is a big place. We can help you to help clients to find you. The Garden Designer Directory helps garden owners find a designer in their area with easy to navigate regional listings.

Option One - A regional listing, £30 for a year - which works out at less than 9p per day.

Option Two - A regional listing PLUS image of a garden you have designed, £40 for a year

Option Three - Two regional listings, £50 per year

Option Four - Two regional listings PLUS the same image on both regional pages, £60 per year 

Option Five - Two regional listings PLUS a different image on each regional pages, £65 per year 

For garden designers interested in being listed under more than 2 counties, additional listings may be purchased for £10 per listing - so for example the cost of 3 listings would be £60.

If you have any questions or would like to get listed, please contact us with the option you are interested in, which regional page(s) you would like to be listed on and the text/contact details you would like to use for your listing (30-40 words).