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Bridgemere claims to be the UK's largest garden centre with 'more plants in more varieties' than anywhere else in Britain. They also have 6 acres of display gardens which are freely open to the public.

Bridgemere, Cheshire, England, CW5 7QB


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  • about 2 years by blackadder48 1 / 5

    Don't waste your time here again - it's just a mini shopping village now - plant quality , variety and prices all generally poor. Even the cafe has lost it's edge. They are pawns of a larger organisation with no regard to customer service. And like any other 'supermarket' you'll only get ripped off in the end.
  • about 2 years by Mrs A Elbourne 4 / 5

    I thought it only fair after reading the reviews from some months ago to leave a more current overview of Bridgemere. After visiting this week just gone and seeing the re development that has taken place I would say it is getting back to its best and in some areas even better. We took our grandchildren for a visit and it was really refreshing to see lots of free or minimal cost events had been put on to entertain the children for Easter.
    We received great customer service when we asked for some help and we were informed that the show gardens are free to enter this year if you are a Garden Club member. After taking some time to walk through them they are certainly far more inspiring than a lot of other local ones who do charge for entry.
    We'll done Bridgemere, you are certainly on the right track.
  • over 2 years by Anonymous 2 / 5

    I agree with many of the comments, I used to visit regularly as I am local to the garden centre. One of the attractions, as I have two small children, is the fact they could have a play and run around, which off-set us having a look around the garden centre. However, in the recent years it has been taken over, it has become more of a shopping outlet, but with not particularly good outlets, plants poor and overpriced and staff not as easily available to help.
    On top of that our recent visit saw the garden areas now has a charge for entry!! Really not worth to pay for and like us many will stop visiting, as there are better garden centres around and outlet centres. It seems greed has taken over sensible management decisions made for the future success of the business.
  • almost 3 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    My recent visit to Bridgemere garden centre has been very disappointing. I am 23 years of age and for the last 20 years I have visited the centre at least a couple of times a year with my family, who have been associated with and visiting the centre since it was first sent up by the Ravenscroft family in 1961. The reasons for my recent disappointment are that from my own opinion the heart and soul of Bridgemere has been taken away by commercialisation and the centre seems to be concentrating more on being a shopping village than a garden centre. Because of this the prices seem to have become less competitive and the general quality of the plants has decreased. Furthermore, the fact that the once free gardens and play areas are now charged for has also increased my disappointment, as this once attracted people for a day out where they would then potentially spend money at the centre, these people will now be put off by the fact you have to pay to enter these areas.
    In my personal opinion if you are looking to have a nice day out at some gardens in this area, then Dorothy Clive Gardens are just up the road and are very attractive. While if you are looking for a shopping village, which Bridgemere seems to be more focused on these days, then Trentham Gardens are another option. Additionally, in my opinion if you are actually looking to buy plants then there is a competitively priced garden centre in Irelands Cross not far from Bridgemere which offers excellent variety.
  • almost 3 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    Very poor garden centre.

    Yes it is the largest garden centre in the UK but size isnt everything.

    Staff levels are poor, there simply isnt anyone to ask for advice.

    The store is cluttered and poorly organised.

    Prices are too high especially when you consider the cost of getting to Bridgemere.

    Certainly not what it used to be, changes needed otherwise it will be going the same was as Stapeley and be closed within 12 months, the signs are already there.

    They now charge admission to the once free gardens.
  • almost 4 years by Mr D Evans. 1 / 5

    Just returned from a wasted long trip to bridgemere. Plants were over priced and quite a number in poor condition and in need of a good water. Collectors corner has gone and the food compared to our last visit was on a par with motorway services food. As a ex garden centre employee and i mean a proper garden centre and professional landscpaper, to see what was an outstanding Garden centre reduced to another Wyevale weed ridden shopping mall was gut wrenching.
  • about 4 years by old cojer 4 / 5

    The centre is really big,and takes a long time to get around it,plenty of choice of clean healthy plants if you got deep pockets,the same apply to the restaurant,which is along walk from car park if you are not so good on your feet.
  • over 4 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    Dont visit if you want to use your gardening club offers as they are always conveniently "out of stock " at bridgmere especiallly the cafe. And if they are available you will be treated like a criminal for daring to obtain 10p off a 20 pound spend.
  • almost 5 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    As far as a mother with a toddler is concerned it is brilliant. Please keep the small indoor play area as it is perfect and my son just loved the gardens to run around.
  • over 5 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    Having just visited Bridgemere today, i am glad to see they have now reopened the shop tills and opened the exit doors to the old carpark. :-)
  • almost 6 years by Anonymous 3 / 5

    poor parking for disabled long walk to main area lost its garden centre feel more like a plant supermarket
  • about 6 years by mary the gardener. 5 / 5

    I am lucky to live fairly near to Bridgemere. I dont know of any better garden centre.
    Once you have been to Bridgemere for plants nowhere else compares. Never again will I bother with DIY stores for any plants other than basic bedding stuff.

    The plants are well cared for and they stock more unusual plants and several different varieties of a particular plant. than the average Garden Centre.
    The plants are well labelled with the full name of the plant and the variety.
    There is a plant advice centre with well informed and helpful advisors.

    I am not sure that the take over by Wyevale has done them any favours though. I hope that Bridgemere can maintain its previous high standards rather than fall to the average garden centre chain standard.

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